Our Services


Investment Management

Positioning your chapter reserve or endowment funds inside the YFC Foundation is a strategic option to capitalize on market growth.

The YFC Foundation partners with Cornerstone Management who advises and manages all YFCF funds. With nearly $1B under management, and a set of proven investment layers, Cornerstone is a highly respected and trusted investment partner among many Christian organizations.

Our policies, including the “Revocable Management Agreement”, were created with chapter benefit in mind.






Estate Design and Gift Planning

“Estate design is spiritual before it is mechanical.” -Bruce Owens

Our Estate Design service takes a wholistic approach to understanding a giving partner’s current financial situation as a basis for suggesting specific planned giving channels to benefit their charitable and familial goals.

The YFCF is uniquely positioned to service all types of planned gift objectives – including, but not limited to:

Wills and Bequests: www.freewill.com/yfc

Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Gift Annuities

Retirement Assets and Life Insurance


Grants and Scholarship

As funds allow, the YFCF will issue grants and scholarships for various purposes across the movement of YFC. Currently, the following opportunities exist:

Latimer Scholarship: College scholarship for YFC-related students.

Graber Grant Program: Supports chapter fund-development efforts.

Movement Growth Fund: Supports launch opportunities.

Local Chapter Disaster Fund: Provides support through unforeseen times.

Billy and Ruth Graham Legacy Fund: Details to be determined.   



Non-Cash Gift Processing

Non-cash giving can have a significant impact on your chapter’s fund-development efforts. The YFCF will provide the back-office processing of more complex types of gifts such as:

• Publicly Traded Securities

• Gifts of Real Estate and Land

• Cryptocurrency

• Business Interest

Given the complex nature and risk associated with some types of non-cash gifts, the YFCF will support your best interest in vetting and evaluating the merit associated with the acceptance of each gift.