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Program-related Questions: 

Asset Management Program
Grants & Scholarships
Planned Giving Program (2018 Pilot)
Non-Cash Gift Processing Program (2018 Pilot)

Technical Questions




What is the Youth For Christ Foundation?


What services does the new YFC Foundation offer my chapter?

Currently, we offer the following services to every chapter across the movement:

Asset Management
Grants & Scholarship Programs
Planned Giving Services* 
Non-Cash Gift Processing*

*The second two services are available only for approved pilot chapters. If you would like to apply to  

What makes this “re-launch” of the YFC Foundation different than my prior experiences?

The way the YFC USA Strategic Plan is resourcing this re-launch is unprecedented. Goal 4, Objective 9, Critical Task 6 – comes with very specific Action Plan and a bigger budget for the Foundation. Nationally, we are investing funds in this re-launch at a level we never have before. 

The board is a new board made up of industry professionals who also serve in YFC Chapter leadership… That board has introduced new by-laws, new policies. 

This time, we are hiring experienced staff from outside the movement to join us (decades of existing experience), rather than “promoting from within” and expecting YFC ministry staff to try to learn Planned Giving. 


What is the difference between the YFC Foundation and other nationally known Christian foundations?

You get to keep your assets at the end of the day. Funds are placed with a “revocable management agreement,” which means that it is your asset. The asset stays on your books. You can have it back whenever you want it. 

Other Foundations make you sign legal paperwork for “irrevocable management agreements” – commonly marketed as “ministry advised funds.” In that scenario, legally you are giving your money away to another non-profit, who could, at any time change their policies and refuse to give it back. You should not carry these assets on your books – they are no longer your money. They belong to the other non-profit and you are at their mercy of giving it back to you on their terms.




Asset Management Program

Who manages my money at the YFC Foundation? Are they proven and competent?

The same asset management firm that consults with the National Christian Foundation also works for the YFC Foundation, but under our policies and procedures that are constructed to benefit YFC Chapters. They’re called Cornerstone Investment Management, based out of Atlanta, GA; and they’re very, very good. Don’t take our word for it… Request a copy of their due diligence report by emailing rwhite@yfc.net. We think you’ll be very impressed. 


What kinds of assets do you manage for chapters?


What kind of returns should I expect on my reserve or endowment?


What are your fees?

We can send you a copy of the fees disclosure, but bottom line… we don’t want fees to be a reason you don’t use the YFC Foundation. Our board wants to negotiate fees when necessary in order to create a attractive arrangement for you to keep your assets together with the rest of the YFC movement. 


Do I have to work with YFC Foundation at the exclusion of building relationships with other foundations?

No, of course not! We have very intentionally designed the new YFC Foundation to specialize in services those other foundations won’t offer you, at least not as generously. 

For example, this is why we got out of the “donor advised fund” business. That is National Christian Foundation’s bread and butter. When people want donor advised funds we send them there.


What are the benefits to working with YFC Foundation instead of the services offered by other foundations or ministry asset management consultants?

The whole movement is better together
Consistent brand – having a “YFC Foundation” as opposed to an outsourced partner gives you credibility in the community, especially with partners who love YFC
Revocable Management Agreements
Competitive fees; biased towards chapter keeping their money
Continuity of management – keep it with the YFC mission


Is creating an endowment Biblical? 

We have a thoughtful article we can send you. The answer is, yes… with certain restrictions. Fill out a contact card and indicate in the notes section that you would like us to send you the Endowment Theology paper.


Planned Giving Program (2018 Pilot)

Are YFC Foundation's Planned Giving Staff coming to town to raise money for our local chapter, or for the national movement?

They are coming to town to represent you. They are trained to serve your donor’s intent. If your donor wants half of their estate to go to the local animal shelter, our staff are going to help them do that – not persuade them to give it to YFC instead. We hope, of course, that our very presence throughout the process will encourage the donor to remember your local chapter.

There are some people who have moved to new cities throughout their lives, and will want to bless YFC programs in multiple cities. We will work with them to accommodate this. But rest assured, we don’t persuade people to give to a national effort instead of your local chapter. We come to town to represent you, with an added skill set that supplements your chapter staff.


YFC Foundation currently has a professionally experienced, but very small staff. How will you scale this to the whole movement?

The Plan for 2018 is to offer pro-active Planned Giving Services to only a small handful of qualified Pilot Chapters. It will be considered an “open Pilot” in the sense that any other interested chapters are welcome to listen into our Pilot Meetings, and to conduct their own Planned Giving Marketing. When these chapters secure a Planned Giving appointment, we will send our staff to town (reactively) to help you in that appointment. 

Qualified Pilot chapters will have all expenses underwritten by YFC USA, including all travel costs of the Planned Giving Staff. Non-Pilot chapters will be responsible for the travel costs.

As the 2018 Pilot year concludes, a wider proactive service for more chapters will be introduced, and we will scale our staff accordingly.


Why do you recommend donors put YFC Foundation down in their will, and designate the gift to the local chapter? Why not just put the local chapter’s name down in their will?

Many of the Planned Gifts recorded today will not materialize for 30 years or more. If the next 30 years is like the last 30 years, many YFC Chapters will merge or change their name. If they do, and all those donors fail to edit their will with the new legal name (which, by the way, they will fail to edit), your gift will get tied up in probate court, and may never come your way.

The YFC Foundation will exist in 30 years with the same name, and the same mission. Indicating the YFC Foundation, with a written designation for your local chapter, is the safest way to ensure that the gift gets to you as swiftly and as simply as possible. 

In the rare case that a chapter closes down forever, gifts that come in will continue to be used for the YFC Mission. Maybe even to help re-establish a chapter in your community. If the donors indicate the closed chapter in their will, the resources will not go to YFC’s mission – they will go to whoever the probate court decides.



Non-Cash Giving Program (2018 Pilot)

What is this non-cash giving program all about?

See the one pager for a quick summary (please study this).

So… How much does it cost?

Our third party processor charges a fee on each transaction, which we pass on to you. For example, 1% processing fee on Stocks. We receive the stocks, issue the receipt, handle everything for you and send you 99% of the proceeds. We do this with cars, real estate, jewelry, gift cards, and all kinds of property your donors might want to give to charity… every different kind of property has a different fee strucutre. (Cars are more expensive, because we have to pay a tow truck to come get it… pay an auction house to sell it… etc… etc…)

If you’re charging fees for this service, why wouldn’t I do it myself and save the fees?

The fees are reasonable, and your time is precious. Invest your limited time in the things only you can do. Let our professional service handle these complex transactions. Plus, when you do… your donors will be delighted because we will make sure it’s done right the first time. (The National Office uses YFC Foundation for non-cash gift processing, and our donors have been delighted!)

Can I see the fee schedule?

We are currently seeing which chapters might be interested in participating in a 2018 Pilot of the Program. We will be discussing fees with this interested group before proceeding. 

How to I sign up?

If you’re interested, please sign the contact card. We will be starting the Pilot Group very soon and would love to have you be a part of it!



Technical Questions

Why is the YFC Foundation set up as a separate legal entity with its own board and CEO, and not just a "Planned Giving" department of YFC/USA?

There are several reasons why the Foundation is set up as a separate entity: 

To invest and protect chapter, affiliate, and NSC assets from mixed management (no risk of mixing assets with the day-to-day operations of YFC/USA), or worse, litigation against YFC/USA.
To cultivate a board of directors with a specific focus and skill set (stewarding, investing)
To cultivate a board of directors with a specific objective - long term sustainability of the YFC movement.
To prevent YFC/USA from having an artificially inflated balance sheet, when in fact, these are managed assets on behalf of chapters:

YFC spends the revenue it gains on direct ministry and keeps a lean balance sheet.
If YFC/USA held assets on behalf of chapters, YFC/USA would need to show those assets on the books. It would appear to donors that YFC/USA is hoarding cash, when in reality it would be managing restricted assets for chapters and affiliates.
An artificially inflated balance sheet could be misinterpreted by charity watchdog organizations. 

To house unbiased subject matter expertise for converting non-liquid assets into liquid assets on behalf of all YFC entities.
To provide a place for chapters to invest reserves and endowments. 
To provide a place for donors to invest targeted funds in excess of their annual giving and in excess of a chapter's annual budget.

How is it ensured that the YFC Foundation, YFC USA, and YFC Chapters will in sync around a common strategic direction?

While two completely separate 501c3 organizations, the two organizations have covenanted together in several ways – just like chapters covenant with YFC/USA. Part of YFC Foundation’s covenant is that the President/CEO selected by the YFC Foundation board must be ratified by the board of YFC/USA. This helps keep the two organizations in strategic alignment. Also, 4 of the board members from YFC/USA sit on the YFC Foundation board. Also, the VP of Development/Marketing for YFCUSA sits on the Foundation board. Also, the CEO for YFC/USA sits on the Foundation board. 

What happens to the assets if the YFC Foundation ever dissolves?

Assets return to chapters. Not so for other foundations.


I thought YFC/USA had a new YFC logo. Why is the YFC Foundation co-branded with the old logo? 

Keep in mind that YFCF serves the global movement as well. The Foundation logo includes the International icon and the USA logo.

Also, the YFCF serves long-standing donors of YFC/USA who are more familiar with the old logo than the new one.