The Youth For Christ Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees, composed of nine voting members and three ex-officios.

The Trustees are generally responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s program and grantmaking strategy; budgets, policies and guidelines; and investment strategies, allocations and performance. The trustees perform their duties through committees including the:

  • Executive Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Chapter Communications Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Various Scholarship Committees and ad-hoc committees

The board considers trustee candidates who are spiritually mature, bring a professional expertise that compliments the group, and who demonstrate a strong affiliation with a local Youth For Christ chapter.

Current Trustees

John Bastian, Ex-Officio
Denver, CO
Former Investment Management Professional, Wall Street Firm
CFO, Youth For Christ International

Bart Barham
West Palm Beach, FL
Retired Engineer
Board Chair, Palm Beach County Youth For Christ       

Jacob Bland, President/CEO, Ex-Officio
Denver, CO
President/CEO, Youth For Christ USA

Bruce Clingan, Vice Chair
Seattle, Washington
Admiral (Ret), US Navy

Glenn Duckworth
Scottsdale, AZ
President, Industrial Finishes
Former Board Member, Delaware Youth For Christ

Sheryl Haushalter-Sopher
Kenton, OH
President, Robinson Fin Machines, Inc.
Youth For Christ of Northwest Ohio

Travis Holdman, Chair
Fort Wayne, IN
Indiana State Senator; Bank Consultant
Holdman Consult/Holdman Law
BigJAWS Youth For Christ (Bluffton, IN)

Barry Huebner
Kankakee, IL
Consultant, Midwest Transit Equipment
Board Chair, Chicago/South Pointe Youth For Christ
Board Chair, Youth For Christ USA

Adele Lacombe, Secretary
Port Orchard, WA
CEO, Debbie Macomber, Inc.
West Sound Youth For Christ

Tim LeFever
Sacramento, CA
Attorney at Law, Commercial Realtor
LeFever Mattson Property Management
​Board Chair, Sacramento Youth For Christ

Rick Voit
Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL
Private Banker, Wall Street Firm
Chicago/South Pointe Youth For Christ    

Dan Wolgemuth, Ex-Officio
Denver, CO
President/CEO, Youth For Christ USA