Abe Graber Memorial Fund

Matching Grant Program

The YFC Foundation wishes to thank the entire Graber Family for their generous vision to support "boots on the ground" evangelical ministry to preach the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The family has established a matching grant opportunity to encourage alignment around YFC's fund development best practices. This grant is designed to:

  • Help YFC staff begin to see fundraising as an extension of ministry with a sharing and invitation exercise.
  • Help create a process where YFC staff devote a small amount of time each day/week in creating and deepening relationships with their giving partners. These richer relationships provide extended blessings to all participants.
  • Help YFC staff develop sound personal financial practices via a suggested short seminar.
  • Promote See the Story/Bridging the Gap trainings to underscore the above goals.
  • Help YFC chapters with an additional annual gift to be used toward camp scholarships.

How does it work?

  • Participating full-time staff will receive a matching $300/month donation as they demonstrate full participation.
  • Participating part-time staff (including any interns) will receive a $150/month matching donation as they demonstrate full participation.
  • Participating young leaders who meet certain requirements will receive $50/month.
  • Participating Chapters will also receive a one-time per year donation to be used for camp scholarships. The distribution will be made in May based on your April report and will be approximately 5% of the current annualized level of funding. The minimum level of camp support will be $600 and the 5% calculations will be rounded to the nearest $100 increment.
  • Executive Leaders need only apply once for their entire chapter. Any YFC USA chapter or affiliate may apply.
  • Initial applications are due by December 31, 2019.
  • Through the Graber family's generosity, this initial program will fund up to 400 YFC staff across the USA.

To Apply

  1. Familiarize yourself with the history of the program, and thank God with us!
  2. Review the glossary of terms to better understand the program parameters. 
  3. Review the requirements of participation chapters/affiliates, and staff.
  4. Fill out a grant application.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of local and national executive leaders. Chapters will be notified of their acceptance in late January or early February. The funding will continue for 2 years, at which time this program will be evaluated and changed, continued, or terminated. To remain eligible for the grant in 2021, participants must raise new monthly support in order to continue to be eligible for a second year of matching funding. 

Reporting Requirements

  1. Detailed Report: Your chapter admin must maintain detailed records of the entire staff's faithful activities with giving partners, and provide these to the grant committee using a link which will be provided upon your admittance into the program. It is recommended that these activities also be recorded in your CRM (such as Salesforce). A sample of the detailed report format is provided here.
  2. Summary Report: Beginning in April, by the final business day of the month, your chapter admin must submit your monthly summary report for the current month. Monthly reports submitted after the final business day of each month will not be funded.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please direct questions to Jarrod Briggs (jbriggs@yfc.net), Chapter Support Specialist, YFC Foundation. 

All terms and requirements are subject to change by the YFC Foundation Abe Graber Memorial Fund Committee.

Together with you, we thank God for this generous opportunity made possible by the Graber family, faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to them, invested so that more kids will find hope in Jesus Christ.